KIVA shelving system

About us

We started KIVA to do things differently.

A trio of design industry fanatics with years of experience in creating furniture, we have come across many a challenge in our time. With KIVA, we aim to solve some of them.

We believe in design that focuses on people, and solving problems without compromising on quality.

The furniture industry is dominated by a handful of hardware suppliers and almost everyone uses the same components. We understood that to really do things differently, we would have had to design every single part from scratch. An enormous task.

So, that’s what we did.

We know that people’s homes and spaces are all different; there is no standard. We made KIVA customisable for any kind of space. And we understand that as people’s needs change, so should KIVA.

We designed KIVA to be smart. Its push-n-lock system is strong, easy to assemble and easy to disassemble. Its lighting needs no fiddly cables; electricity is conducted internally through the panels.

Just in case you’re wondering, KIVA is Finnish for “fun”. That’s how we work, and that’s what we want for our customers.